Who is singer rihanna dating

Rihanna is dating rapper Travis Scott, according to sources, after they were spotted kissing at a New York Fashion Week event. Rihanna and her new beau flaunted their burgeoning romance as they partied at the New York Edition Hotel, dancing together and kissing in front of guests.

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Currently Brown is scheduled to appear in court March 5 for arraignment on one felony count. The pair claimed that they were doing their utmost to keep their romance out of public eye, according to some reports, Hassan’s grandfather, Abdul Latif Jameel founded their business in 1955 and was able to obtain the exclusive rights to sell Toyota Cars in Saudi Arabia.Today, the company distributes various vehicle to seven other countries.“She told me, ‘We broke up again.'” Life and Style magazine has reported that Brown’s temper has manifested itself in violent ways in the past — claiming that a fight between the singer and his mom that took place in a Miami hotel in 2007 saw Brown “screaming and throwing dishes,” which prompted concerned hotel guests to call the police.Brown’s sister has spoken to Extra in his defense, describing him as “a good boy — never violent,” and adding that “He’s doing good.

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