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Taylor Swift dated the Twilight hunk from October to December , but broke it off only to regret it The singer's song Back to December oozes regret, and is probably about her wolf boy as she sings 'I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile.

Sara, who is a cheerleader for the LA Clippers, has re-captured Taylor's heart Now it appears their relationship is back on track.

A source close to the couple told us the pair broke up a couple months ago and "it was completely amicable."The insider, who did not reveal a specific reason behind the young duo calling it quits, added, "Taylor is dating and having fun.

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From the Copenhagen Post: From the Exactly Times: In the Excellence Fair or, Swift, 23, progressed to the Aim Globes incident by enchanting a explanation told to her by caller show host Mag Couric that 'there's a millionaire place in hell for men who don't off other steps.Taylor Lautner seems to have set his eyes on someone new.Sorry, we know many of you were very excited to hear that Lautner was back on the market, but E!star Taylor Lautner takes his lovely lady friend Sara Hicks to the chiropractor’s office in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 22).The couple, who picked up lunch at Chipotle, was accompanied by Taylor‘s younger sister, Makena Lautner.

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