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The increased percentage could be a boon for the organic industry, which often struggles with shortages of certain raw materials. And on the regulatory front, the National Organic Program’s (NOP) proposed organic, and livestock poultry welfare standard has been released, and the comments and criticisms are already reaching a fever pitch.

Animal welfare advocates and members of the organic industry have been calling for a rule on animal welfare standards for quite some time.

The objective of the program is to enable researchers with Intellectual Property supported innovative research to demonstrate early proof-of-concept and commercial feasibility for technologies being developed with the intent of commercial translation.

Cuba Completes First US Ag Equipment Purchase Cuba has completed its first purchase of American agriculture equipment since the White House removed some of the trade restrictions against the neighboring island.

The company is also going to require all of their shell egg suppliers to obtain a certification from the United Egg Producers (UEP) Animal Husbandry Guidelines or an equivalent standard and submit to compliance monitoring from a third-party.

Whether Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the country, can achieve this goal depends on regulatory changes, supply, affordability, and customer demand.

Farmobile’s data standard, the Electronic Field Record (EFR), unifies and stores field data sets in a portable format, regardless of manufacturer or format.

A completed EFR includes: planting date, crop, variety, and population, as well as harvest date, total production, average yield and average moisture.

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The USDA will accept public comments on the proposed rule for 60 days, but some public interest groups are already seeking an extension.

Former White House Chef Sam Kass Joins Food Tech Startup and Acre Venture Partners The White House’s former key foodie and food policy consultant Sam Kass has joined Innit, a food tech startup using sensors to measure a food’s temperature, weight, portion size, and other variables and crunches the numbers to determine the ideal temperatures and times needed to prepare certain dishes.

Kass has become chief consumer experience officer for the startup.

Farmobile Launches Data Store Farmobile, a farm data service selling hardware and offering farmers a neutral place to house their ag data, has launched the Farmobile Data Store.

The Data Store offers farmers a way to sell their agronomic and machine data to vetted third parties on their own terms, according to the startup.

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