Who is michelle phan dating 2016

She took a year to develop the logo, which features a geometric shape inspired by sacred geometry and the platonic solids.Phan tapped into her art background for this launch in several ways, and she is pretty unabashed about her spiritual journey, all of which culminated in the logo. Phan, who is almost 30, is one of You Tube’s biggest success stories and arguably one of the most popular and recognizable so-called beauty gurus on the platform, with almost 9 million subscribers and well over a billion views of her videos. It’s not the first time she’s launched Em, however.“But I have a great team and they know exactly where my vision is and where I align. “The biggest impression I had growing up was that we were always poor,” Phan says.Phan was going to become a doctor, but instead scraped together the money to go to art school, where she was given a Macbook, which ended up being serendipitous.“I was really hurt when the brand didn’t take off,” she says. It was three years of my life gone, just like that.But I learned a lot from that and I think it was really important for me to fail.

This is also how Phan is releasing the new Em, whose first products will appear April 17th on Em’s website.

There will be only two categories — liquid eyeliners and creamy liquid lipsticks — and 10 products at launch.

When Phan came to Racked’s offices, the first thing I noticed was how little makeup she was wearing.

This trend of social media-spawned beauty brands all ultimately led to the juggernaut known as Kylie Cosmetics.

The winning strategy seems to be online personalities dabbling first in collaborations with established makeup brands: Kathleen Lights, for example, did collabs with indie brands Colourpop, Ofra, Morphe, and Makeup Geek.

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