Who is michael douglas dating

Elizabeth Vargas’ memoir “Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction” is a raw depiction of her alcoholism, rehab and failed relationships — one of those being with Michael Douglas.

In the book, which just hit stores, the ABC newswoman writes of a relationship with a “well-known” movie actor whom she describes as someone who is “very interesting, exciting and very much liked to drink.” She doesn’t name Douglas in the tome.

Am I not a Commander in Chief who's never served in the military? [...] See more » Director Rob Reiner and Aaron Sorkin, fresh off their success with the film A Few Good Men, came up with this gem more then thirteen years ago.

In the second to last scene when Sydney appears in the oval office and they are hugging.

The only shame of the film is the fact it didn't any major awards because it definitely deserved to.

Michael Douglas is currently married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

“When we boarded, there was a big bowl of caviar, cooling on crushed ice, and a big bottle of vodka.

We ate and drank it all before the plane landed two hours later,” she recalls.

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