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Whitman got her major studio role for the movie Independence Day in the year 1996, when she gave voice to the president's daughter.

She has also been the cast in numerous video games, her games include Avatar, Cartoon Network Racing, Kingdom Hearts etc.

There is a scene where Bianca’s date, Toby plays the guitar for her and it seemed so real to me.”, she grins.

Talking about music, The DUFF star wasn’t shy to confess that she is a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift.

Also, the humour is just enduring for my character.

High-school movies have always thrived on delineating social types — recall, if you will, “Mean Girls,” with its cafeteria map pointing out “the Plastics” and the “sexually active band geeks.” But a new teen movie calls out an especially harsh label: DUFF, or “designated ugly fat friend.” Yow.

Speaking of this uncanny coincidence Mae said, “I am dating a musician who is really smart and nice.

I have always had a great affinity for music but it was always a bit superficial.

She has also been seen in a video clip where she has done an impressive ballet and ending with a full split while singing Swift’s ‘Blank Space’.

Mae is very happy with the response the film has garnered in the U. and is confident that it will do great in India as well, “The film is a journey of Bianca’s self –discovery, romantic entanglements and message of finding confidence in who you are and staying true to yourself.

It is not the most flattering description of a character but I saw the heart of this character and the journey she goes on to learn how to really love her as she is.

“I get a lot of ‘You’re not ugly or fat enough [for the role],’ ” Whitman tells The Post.

“Does that mean there is someone out there who IS fat or ugly enough? ” she says, pointing out that the film never shows her character changing who she is to please someone else.

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