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And that's just in the lobby of the ground floor of the building!

From our mailbag: "Dear Gawker, I recently had the displeasure of sitting through the snore fest that is "Evening" and wanted to share some thoughts with you. there wasn't 1 minute of it that was enjoyable ...

So just wait it out, they will figure out they don't actually love someone else, or they will just leave you...

Theres really only 2 outcomes, and theres nothing you can really do but be patient and don't do anything that will make him realize that the other person may be better than you..as you badgering them about this other person. Do you really want to be dating someone when you actually know that she's IN LOVE with someone else?

This kind of immorality cannot be tolerated and persons demonstrating it are entitle to summary destruction.

Answer: Don't go out of your way to keep them, if they leave you it wasn't meant to be because it would never last with you being 100% of the effort of keeping the relationship together.

All of the characters have been vividly painted with complexity, emotion, and authenticity.

Gentle, sensitive, geeky male outsiders with a love of Lou Reed and snug hoodies! An army of A-listers showed to last night's 69th annual American Ballet Theatre spring gala (and, if they were lucky, got a glimpse of Michelle Obama dressed in a black Alaia dress and Thakoon jacket).

It's time to sack up and throw away the sweater vest. Hugh Dancy, the actor and fiancé of Claire Danes, is turning 34. Sadie Frost, the actress and ex-wife of Jude Law, is 44. Among those in attendance: • There was no shortage of drama at the Grammys last night. After all, it's one of the hardest tickets to get in show business.

despite "the greatest actresses of our time" plodding through it.

Despite it's grand themes of regret, loss and death, what I took away from the film was this ... What is up with Claire Danes, she is a total sicko ...

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    There are alot of useful links, pics, and they have also created files for the Sims PC games too, all created by members of The Party House. Real Sims Online - Goth Sims - The Gothic Quarter in Alphaville is the place (TSO) for Vampires and Goths of all kinds in the city of Alphaville.

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    At this point, the mystery of the case was compounded by the discovery of some faint writing on the rear page of the book.

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    2 As a teen series, creator Lauren Iungerich wanted to make the setting and characters as realistic as possible and did her own extensive research to make that happen.

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