Who is estelle the singer dating

I didn’t grow up with any weight issues and I don’t want them now.For a girl from a London council estate, it was a dream come true.And the spectacular results were all too clear to see.The 30-year-old, who had her braces removed just under a year ago, couldn't stop smiling broadly for the cameras as she attended the 010 Apollo Theater Spring Benefit Concert & Awards Ceremony at The Apollo Theater.

She may have spent her childhood in the London postcode of W14, but Estelle sashays, a good 20 minutes late, into the record-company boardroom with a distinct aura of 90210 about her. During the winter months, the singer resides in Los Angeles, drawn by the novelty of winter warmth."But it's bloody freezing in here," she complains, and so refuses to relinquish her long red coat, her even longer scarf, and, perhaps a touch preposterously on a day as overcast as this, her pair of large sunglasses.

If people listen to me in ten years like they listen to her, you can put me in that category all day! I am your night-owl, I go from the club to the studio.

Getting me up before 7 and 9 is a real issue - I will be a cow and it is what it is.

‘This is where my granddad came from, it’d be an honour to do something more in his memory, he died last year.’And as for moving back to Europe? 'But we will stay on the subject, because her love life inspired .

‘I will come back eventually - depends on where I am boyfriend and baby-wise. ’ It’s a point we keep coming back to in our conversation; ‘I’m the singlest woman alive,’ she sighs dramatically. ‘It took four years to make that record - I grew up, moved labels, moved countries, moved my life up two levels.

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