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(DNSKEY keytag: 19036 alg: 8 flags: 257) ;; Chase successful // // Refer to the named.conf(5) and named(8) man pages, and the documentation // in /usr/share/doc/bind9 for more details. IN A ; Machine Names localhost IN A ns1 IN A ns2 IN A mx IN A mail IN A ; Aliases www IN CNAME $TTL 3600 1.168.192. A zone is signed using cryptographic keys which must be generated. The preferred method however is to have a strong well-protected Key Signing Key ( part of the file name is a five digit key ID. This is especially important when having more than one key in a zone. It is possible to make a script and a cron job to do this. Be sure to keep private keys confidential, as with all cryptographic keys.

( 2006051501 ; Serial 10800 ; Refresh 3600 ; Retry 604800 ; Expire 300 ) ; Negative Response TTL IN NS ns1. This value indicates that this is a Secure Entry Point ( signed zone a little more work is required. By default, the signatures are only valid 30 days, meaning that the zone needs to be resigned in about 15 days to be sure that resolvers are not caching records with stale signatures.

93910 IN DNSKEY 257 3 8 ( Aw EAAag AIKl VZrp C6Ia7g Ezah OR 9W29euxh Jh VVLOy Q b SEW0O8gc Cj FFVQUTf6v58f Ljw Bd0YI0Ezr Ac Qq BGCzh /RSt Io O8g0Nfnf L2MTJRkxo Xbf Da Ue VPQu YEhg37NZWA JQ9Vn MVDx P/VHL496M/QZxkjf5/Efucp2ga DX6RS6CXp o Y68Lsv PVj R0ZSwzz1ap Azv N9dlz Ehe X7ICJBBtu A6G3 LQpz W5h OA2hz CTMj JPJ8Lbq F6ds V6Do BQzgul0s GIc GO Yl7Oy Qd Xf Z57rel SQageu ip Ad TTJ25As RTAoub8ONGc Lmqr Am RLKBP1dfwh YB4N7kn Nnulq Qx A Uk1ihz0= ) ; key id = 19036 .

I need to be able to drag and drop a file onto the active form and save that file in a specific location . I don't mind using a Windows API call or whatever I need to make this happen Thanks for the help The only tool that really works well ...I need to know how to come from outside the program in the Windows environment .I think that when the database is running it would need to load some kind of Windows shell that interacts with the operating system's drag and drop capabilities, that I can then manipulate with VBA . I have no VBA code to give you as an example because I can't figure out how to do it. Either a dialog box appears or the file is saved to a default location (c:\) .

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