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And unlike services like Uber or Seamless, if you have a bad time, there’s no way for you to give feedback on a bad experience.We created Dating Ring after years of bad luck on dating websites.), but, our primary service is introducing compatible matches who live in the same city.We are currently setting up matches in New York City, San Francisco / the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, DC.We look for matchmakers with extremely high emotional intelligence and great communication skills.Most of our matchmakers have experience in professional matchmaking, or in similar careers, such as therapy and life coaching.

You will be able to describe all of your match preferences, which will be carefully reviewed before you are connected with any matches.Your matchmaker will review your questionnaire, any notes she has on file from your message history and matchmaking consultation, as well as information from your Facebook profile, when choosing a match.She will then use any feedback or notes you give her, when choosing future matches.Your Executive Matchmaker will act as a personal assistant for your dating life, and will coordinate every part of each date from start to finish.As a Premium Member, you can email or call your matchmaker at any time to discuss your match preferences and past dates.

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