Updating resume

Have someone back up your reputation and validate your skills. Be proactive in requesting testimonials and recommendations from your teachers, clients, colleagues or friends.

They’ll be usually more than willing to put in a good word for you.

The easiest way to cut the empty words talk and fluffy talk is to remove adjectives. Experience shows that recruiters prefer bullet point lists over paragraph format.

They help make your resume much more skimmable and accessible to the reader. You’ve got a chance to influence the recruiters in their initial six-second eye scan when making a fit/no fit determination.

Update it today and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Here are 10 tips how to give your resume a solid 2018 makeover.

If so, edit your resume to make sure you have emphasized the most relevant content.

They quantify your accomplishments and show the impact you’ve done.

Testimonials and recommendations are highly valuable third-person endorsements.

Here are 15 things you don’t need to include on a resume.

Add What’s New Be sure to update all sections of your resume, so it’s current.

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