Updating ports collection

For example, before you can deploy software updates to devices, you must identify a collection for the deployment of software updates.Although you can use the built-in collection of All Systems, using this collection for management tasks is not a best practice.For each collection that you create, you can configure power settings such as how soon computers in the collection go into sleep mode when they are inactive.For more information about how to use collections with power management, see Power Management in Configuration Manager.For example, you can create a collection of users who are a member of the Human Resources organizational unit in Active Directory Domain Services.Unlike direct rule collections, this collection membership automatically updates when you add or remove new users to the Human Resources organizational unit.When you create a custom collection in Configuration Manager, the membership of that collection is determined by one or more collection rules.For information about how to configure collection rules, see How to Create Collections in Configuration Manager.

Most management tasks rely on using one or more collections.

In Configuration Manager SP1, this collection also includes the mobile devices that are enrolled by Microsoft Intune.

This collection cannot be modified and contains the largest scope of device resources.

Although the default client settings in Configuration Manager apply to all devices and all users, you can create custom client settings that apply to a collection of devices or a collection of users.

For example, if you want remote control to be available on all but a few devices, configure the default client settings to allow remote control and then configure custom client settings that do not allow remote control.

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