Updating old auto engines

Electricals, brakes and more are modernised "sympathetically".

Jensen Interceptor R Where: Jensen International Automotive, Oxfordshire Cost: £117,000 (Supercharged £134,000) Why you want one: JIA's "modern interpretation" of the British 60s and 70s classic is hand-built from original donor cars that are refurbished and treated to modern specifications including a 6.2-litre, V8 Corvette engine, independent rear suspension and new transmission.

"It's all about summer, outdoors life and fun." Splitz carries out "wheels-up" refurbishments, entirely refettling all bodywork, gearbox, engine, wheels, braking systems and all linings.

Their Traveller has been adapted for 21st century motoring with servo-assisted brakes, halogen headlamps and a heated rear screen.They ditched their "perfectly adequate" Ford Fusion and bought the refettled Minor for £18,000 – many people would consider this an eye-watering sum for a car that went out of production in 1971 and was still viewed as an old banger until fairly recently, rather than a classic car worth preserving.But as converts to Charles Ware's philosophy of "durable motoring" (certain older cars should be treated like a house: endlessly repaired and adapted on a planned budget, minimising their impact on pocket and environment) they see the Morris as a sound, eco-investment.Such is the extent of the restoration work at Bristol, where there is a rabbit warren of old-fashioned, oily-floored workshops (they still roller on the primer, old-style, before flattening it with obsessive rubbing-down) that sometimes no more than 15 per cent of the car that was wheeled in at one end emerges into a new dawn at the other."People sometimes say that only the glass still looks old and with good reason," says Zac Ware who, when he isn't touring as lead guitarist with The Proclaimers, helps his father run the business.

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