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, was found dead on Thursday in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia.

Lieutenant David Allard tells PEOPLE that at approximately p.m., officers were dispatched to Mc Neely’s apartment where he was found to be deceased.

In July, she shared a photoshopped image of herself in Nazi attire with the then-candidate.

As of Monday, her Facebook profile picture showed her wearing a Trump hat.

And she has been in a stand-off with many of Ms Johnson's friends, posting bizarre messages on Twitter about her relationship with the socialite.

The couple are believed to have rowed in the days just before Ms Johnson's death.

She had reportedly refused many offers to go into rehab for drug abuse leading her billionaire father, Robert, to cut her out of a trust fund.

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They are likely to be even less impressed by these pictures of Ms Tequila, who doesn't seem to be overburdened with grief as she posed in skimpy top with her bra and cleavage clearly on display.In 2004, Mc Neely rang in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest for ABC’s famous Times Square crystal ball drop. Tila Tequila's Twitter account was suspended on Monday, capping off the social media star's long and bizarre embrace of hate speech and Nazism.It was Ms Tequila, 28, who announced the death of her fiancée to the world on her Twitter page.Since then she has accused Ms Johnson's family of wanting to put the heiress's pet dogs down 'to bury them with Casey', a claim the family has flatly denied.

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