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You can make so much friends and you can practice your weapons. I've never actually role played on this game, but considering every single time I join the game someone is rope playing, I think it would be great for role playing. There is a gigantic world, the world in Jailbreak is so huge, that it could probably fit more than 20 jails through out the map. Should be #1 Theme Park Tycoon 2 Theme Park Tycoon 2 was one of the most difference making games for me. As in people keep hacking it and it is REALLY easy to hack! When I first started to play this game I just got addicted because it was my first game and I liked it because there was burger shops and its was like a Real City! But because I'm a old player (joined in 2011) I am used to to good players, but the community stinks now. I play it though since it has a lot of fun games now.If someone hates or dislikes this game than they need more sleep! Jailbreak I wouldn't particularly say that this is the best game on ROBLOX, but it definitely is the best jail game on ROBLOX. When you escape jail, you can actually do things other than go back to the jail and murder cops (I'm talking about Prison Life). Games like Prison Life have a pretty tiny world and is mostly focused on the jail. These updates aren't only quick to make, but they are well made. Literally, there's a cop camping at a store when you try to rob them arrest you. I have learnt to much from that game for example, Roblox's potential is mind-blowing! I think that it should be the top 10 game everywhere! Its annoying because you are having fun and someone just comes and ruins your day by hacking the game... This game had like 3 or 4k on the time I was on it was famous and EPIC! The judges in this game sometimes only give their friends a 10, which annoys the crap out of me...As a phantom forces player, the game has grown immensely with fresh content and tons of choices on attachments and crazy detailed gun models, it is by far the most advanced game on roblox and continues to push boundaries never explored by other developers, with a serious community and a growing player base it deserves number one.

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Phantom Forces It's unbelievable that this game is at 106.

this game has so much potential but needs more attention and time put into it so, litozinnanon and the rest of the development team if yo are reading this, we are still here and we believe that you guys can help this game get the attention it deserves.

By far the best graphics I have seen, great and realistic gun mechanics, and overall exciting and amazing fast paced first person shooter.

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