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A bright but troubled student who joined the chorus and track team, Rose dropped out of his Lafayette, Ind., high school in his junior year. According to Siler, now 28, Rose was alternately affectionate and abusive during their relationship, which ended three years after the move to L. “Axl told me [that] when he was a baby, his real dad went insane, and his stepdad was oppressive,” she says.“I think he’s always had this ‘life owes me’ attitude.” Everly too had endured a rocky childhood.In that case, Rose and Seymour exchange similar charges of physical abuse (see box, page 52).

Axl, who believes his biological father dead and is estranged from his stepfather, has also said that anger he felt toward his mother, Sharon, contributed to his admitted misogyny. with then girlfriend Gina Siler, 17, he had been arrested four times for minor offenses and placed in a court-ordered alcohol-abuse program. “He could be kind and loving, and at other times he was violent and irrational.” As Everly would later be, Siler was moved by Rose’s accounts of his early years.

A., and the children transferred from the exclusive Buckley private school to public schools.

A slow learner who suffered from dyslexia, Erin enjoyed being home and playing with her dolls and baby brother and, as she got older, offering emotional support to her mother.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE done before the O. Simpson case focused the nation on domestic violence, Everly describes a pattern of abuse frighteningly similar to the Simpsons’ relationship preceding Nicole Simpson’s murder.

Everly says that throughout her four years with Rose, she suffered regular beatings that left her bruised, bloodied and sometimes unconscious. Like other alleged batterings, the final one, meted out in Rose’s West Hollywood luxury condo in November 1990, ended as abruptly as it had begun, with an argument over her cleaning of his CD collection.

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