Single mom dating glasgow

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Each day, I think it’s fair to say that at least 10 single mothers join Po F in my local area alone. What I do find really off-putting however is when some of them blatantly advertise that they love sex on their profiles.Again, if you love sex, no problem at all, but is it necessary to display it on the profile, the piece of text where some one gets their first impression of you? Certainly I’m not suggesting we restrict what people can put on their profiles and if I dated a single mum who enjoyed sex, I’d be fine with this.Agreed, the kids would know about these episodes, however it wasn't the kids I was thinking of.I was thinking of me, as a potential partner, how much that would put me off.And all of us parents weither be a father or a mother... But I think it goes for everyone, and not just single moms. you are bothered (as am I and many others) to realize that the latter is not true, and that they are just as horny and sexual as the next person.another thing, you may be assuming that because these women state that they enjoy sex so much, it's what's gotten them in trouble before and are therefore assuming that she got pregnant by some random man she had sex with and ended up a single mom because she probably didn't know the guy's name or due to the way they 'met' she was not Marriage material....

Now, if she and I were dating and she wanted lots of sex, we'd discussed it etc, were being careful, no problem.It's this first impression I was interested to get peoples opinions on, whether like me, they'd be put off.All I have to say about this is that she is obviously trying to attract a certain type of man.mmmmm maybe some women are put off by seeing a profile of a man in their area who is a drunk? We all have our needs, some, just display the rather obvious in their profiles. You keep saying this doesnt bother you, but obviously it does if youve posed it towards pof.Everyone is different, like me, I care not to date someone who likes to go to the bar and get drunk............. I don't think I've come across that many profiles looking for sex.

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