Simon cowell and sinitta dating

King owns a string of gay and straight pubs and clubs in Glasgow, including the award- winning Archaos club, Babaza, Nico’s Pub, Delmonica’s and the Polo Lounge.

He is fighting an employment tribunal raised by sacked door steward Jason Wotherspoon, 29, who claims he lost his job for ignoring a ban on the admission of Asian customers.

In the early 1980s he left EMI and formed E&S Music with his former EMI boss but quit in 1983 and formed Fanfare Records with Iain Burton (co-founder of Hot Gossip).

Their first successful hit was ‘So Macho’ by Sinitta in 1986. Well, we know that some time between 1982-19-1988 she was in a relationship with Cowell and during this time she had an abortion suggesting that they HAD slept together at some point.

This was about the Sinitta/Cowell relationship and its valid point had me looking at the age thing again.

Is Sinitta 5 years younger than her claims in recent years and, if so, is that done in order to protect Cowell because if her real age was printed, people would work out he was in a relationship with her whilst she was underage and would tarnish his hetro-king-of-tv image?

He added: “She met my parents and we had dinner together. Without his blessing she would do nothing.” King, who has a Jewish mother and Catholic father, refused to go into detail about her religion or theirdifferences over it.

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Sinitta met the record company talent spotter in 1983 when she was almost 20 and he was 25.

He said: “Gerard did not approve of me because I wouldn’t change my religion for him. “It’s ridiculous to say the relationship ended because of her colour.

I’m fully capable of making my own decisions.” He admitted the relationship was a distant one as his business, King City Leisure Ltd, was in Glasgow and her career centred on London.

in Seattle, Washington to Miquel Brown, who starred on stage both in the US and UK.

Spending her first few years in foster care, Sinitta was unaware that she actually had a twin sister called Greta whom she was reunited with in the early eighties, just as her career was taking off.

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