Shane meaney and danielle murphree dating

Rob Cesternino (@Rob Cesternino) talks to Danielle Murphree (@Danielle Alexis M) about “The Exterminators” rise to power.

Plus, Brian Lynch (@Lynch MGM) updates us on a very busy weekend in the Big Brother house.

Rob asks Brian who, from Big Brother 15, would he like to be chained with. Danielle wants to know if Mc Crae would be the one who gets mad or if Amanda would.

Rob brings the conversation around to Mc Crae’s suspicion that the other four houseguests are working together.

Sunday – Breaking Bad LIVE with Antonio Mazzaro Monday – Shane Dawson Podcast Tuesday – The 5 Best and 5 Worst new Fall TV Shows with Terry Terrones Tuesday – Time Out with T. Wednesday LIVE @ pm ET – Extra BBBraniacs with Ian Terry Thursday LIVE @ pm ET – BBBraniacs with Ian Terry Friday – Danielle Reyes Podcast Danielle shares that all the people she was rooting for are now gone, with Elissa Slater being the last one.

Brian reports that many people have been tweeting that they are no longer watching the show, considering who is left.

Is there any way the old man out could convince the four to change their plans.

Danielle feels she tried but was fighting a losing battle.Danielle isn’t certain why they are being so extreme about Elissa, other than it is how they know how to celebrate someone other than themselves being evicted.Rob wants to know if Danielle liked the gifts Spencer, as HOH was able to hand out to the houseguests.Rob wonders if Elissa didn’t make a lot of convincing arguments.Brian thinks she should have gotten more vulgar, moving out of her comfort zone.

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