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In 1945 she was able to get a better job working for the United States Armed Forces Institute as a research psychologist; but, as World War II ended they did not feel the need to employ her anymore and she was fired 1946.Later that year, Mamie got a job that she finally thought was rewarding, at the Riverdale Home for Children in New York; there she conducted psychological test and counseled young homeless black people.She stayed at that job for one year but was grossly overqualified for the position and found it embarrassing.She then obtained a position at the United States Armed Forces Institute as a research psychologist but she still felt pigeonholed.Kenneth Clark also was an educator and professor at City College of New York, and first black president of the American Psychological Association.They were known for their 1940s experiments using dolls to study children's attitudes about race.This was a "kick start" to her life’s work and led to her most significant contributions in the field of developmental psychology.Kenneth and Mamie Clark decided to try to improve social services for troubled youth in Harlem, as there were virtually no mental-health services in the community.

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This law firm involved the planning of legal action that would challenge the segregation laws.

Fisk University in Tennessee and Howard University in Washington D. were two of the universities to offer Mamie a scholarship and were also two of the most prestigious black universities at that time.

Both Kenneth and Mamie went on for additional study at Columbia University.

During her time at Columbia, Mamie was the only black student pursuing a doctorate in psychology and she had a faculty adviser, Dr. Despite their differences in beliefs, Mamie was able to complete her dissertation, "Changes in Primary Mental Abilities with Age." In 1943 Mamie Phipps Clark was one of the first African-American women to earn a Ph. After Mamie graduated she had a hard time being a psychologist as an African American woman living in New York.

She had a hard time getting a job; she lost job opportunities to less qualified white men and white women.

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