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Curriculum Project for d^sen- ination to the six regional Curriculum Coordination Centers and other instructional materials agencies. The ham end of a be Uy may be cut on an angle so that the flank side is about 1 inch longer than the fatback side.The purpose of disseminating tliese courses was to make curriculum materials developed by the military more accessible to vocational educators the civilian setting. Any enlarged, soft, porous, 41 196 SPARERIBS PICNIC JOWL HAM Butt end Shank end ^7 Center slices Long shank ^ Short shank Hock LOIN Loin chop3 Rib chops Lorn and nb roo Ms Canadian Style bacon Tend CTloin Bockfat BELLY SPAJIERJBS BOSTON BUTT Boston butt roast Blade steaks Regular plate Clear plate ^ PICNIC Picnic roasts Arm steaks JOWX Jowl bacon square HOCK (Shoulders) Shank PIGS FEET NOTE, The shoulder is comprised of the Boston buit.Each chapter contains objectives, readings, review exercises, and answers for student self-study and evaluation. It is then divided into the Boston butt, picnic, hock, jowl, and aigs feet. It is necessary, then, that you know the military requirements for these products. The fresh market cut that is process^ into bacon is the be Uy. The sides of belly are straight and parallel, and at right angles to the shoulder end.(MN) I ■ ■ ' * Reproductions suppl/ied by EDRS are the bept that can be made * * from the original document. * *********************************************************************** ERLC- CURRICULUM MATERIALS Thfe military-developed curriculim materials in this course package were selected by the' National Center for Research in Vocational Education Mi Utary . The belly \B separated from the fatback on a straight line, not more than 1V4 intihes beyond the outermost curvature of the scribe line (p'ttnt of separation of ribs from belly).The National Center fulfills its mission by: • Generating knowledge through research • Developing educational programs and products • Evaluating individual program needs and outcomes • Installing educational programs and/ products / \ • Operating information systems and services • Conducting leadership development and training programs URTHER INFORMATION ABOUT litafv Curriculum PA^terials ALL Progfbm Information Office TKc Nalionol Conior for Research in Vocational Ed&cation The Olnlo Stati^nivflrsity 1960 Kenny Rood, Columbus, Ohio 43210 Telephone: 6144Bl KJ655 or Toll Free 800/ 848 481& within the continental U. (•xctpt Ohio) Military Curriculum Materials for Vocational and Technical Education Information nnd Field Scrvicos Divloion Tho I latiomi Conlcr for Rcnoorch In Vocatlonn I Echtc.allon Military Curriculum Materials Dissemination Is . The throe additionel chapters in Volume 1 wore deleted because they referred lo specific military orgonizaiibn and forms. After the belly is cured and smoked, it IS processed and procured in two forms and two classes of bacon. Unless otherwise specified in the procuring document? Cr.ilied special hams may be retained 4 to 5 ^eeks before being consumed.

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Volume 4 — Animal Service; Mfhtary Working Oogs; Frosh Fruits and Vogstablos; Watorfoods, Dairy Products ;:onlains a chapter ^ procedures related to quarantine and clinic operation, and disoaiios related to small animals. i ^'^r' neceo- Bar\ for olmen to perfcrr duties in C^c Veterinorv ladder of the Airrnar Medical Career Field. 1.^-5 ^-tifl P V"I TO, If^O l^j-U, Ib^-l O; Af F- If^-^-l O (doc i: fcha| 1), li60-§^ 160 A I K ; 5 Skill CJ7 rrsc 3h 2b 3c 7 SVill t»v«l 0«f« clause? 9-30, The internal temperature of the bone-in loins, at the thickest part, must be between 28'' F! from the time of initial chilling until they are boned.C6vered in the individual volumes are the following topics: the veterinary airman, administration, and statistical procedures; veterinary microbiology, consumer-level quality audit program, food technology, operational ration and egg inspection; meat inspection; animal service, military working dogs, fresh fruits and vegetables, waterfoods, and dairy products; and support of the aerospace medicine program. If you leaving not less than one nor more than two and a half ribs on the anterior portion. The only difference between them is evident in their names.Each chapter contains objectives, readings, review exercises, and answers for student self-study and evaluation. [7«] 420p.; Parts of this document may not f eprodu Ce well due to small^^pe. Aerospace Technology; ^Animal Caretakers; Behavioral Objectives; *Food and Drug Inspectors; *Food Processing Occupations; Food Standards; Instructional Materials; Learning Modules^* Miliytary Personnel; Military Training; Post secondary Education; Secondary Education;. The loin; spareribs, and belly come fronl the middle portion. The skin-on belly is the part of the pork side middle after the removal of the loin, fatback, and spareribs.i i mu ii i ( Extension Course Institute Air University o 22 ERIC 3.0 PQCPAft ED DY SCHOOL OP HEALTH CARE SCIENCe S. You are urged 10 be enthusiastic, persistent, and conscieniious in your studies. NTATIVFS PROCESS AVHRAGK (QARPA) RANGES Numb Vr of Sample Units Included 2. The alternate cuts leave each of a pair of si ces well attached.By doing so, you will gain a greater knowledge, and more probably will qualify for AFSC upgrading. The pairs of cuts can then )e spread and flattened to bec6«^ one slice with an area of approximately twice that of the cross section of the loin. Because of the shape of th * loin at these points, the slices may consis, of one single slice rather than a pair that arc half-cut. There hiust be at least 75 percent of lean on each side of the two major surfac)^ formed by the slicing* operation. With the realization that fresh porloy is very perishable, always be on the alert for signs of decorapomtion and spfeilage.

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