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With zoom in ability and an intuitive interface, this app makes learning Tarot fun.

9) Chakra Tuning: Allowing you to experience the healing and meditation powers of chakra, this app helps balance your energy levels through sound therapy and sonic transformation.

2) The Secret Language: This app begs the question: "Why do people do the things they do?

" Claiming that personality traits we show are held in common with 90% of those born on the same day, this app uses the power of birthdates to unlock the secrets of your friends' personalities—along with advice for every one of your relationships.3) Astrology Zone: Susan Miller's Astrology Zone is another great way to get your daily zodiac insight.

It is not just the study of the palm (as suggested by ‘palmistry’), but of the entire hand.

This includes the shape of the fingers, the ridges on the nails, the skin ridges, the color of the skin…every feature is significant to a handanalyst.

Her Palmistry course can be taken over a period of 3/4 days; 2 weekends 2-4 weeks apart are recommended.

Philena is willing to travel anywhere in the world to teach groups of people.

Go even more in depth with an intricate forecasting of your year ahead in the Chinese calendar, as well as with your Druid horoscope, which is based on trees and the idea that various personalities require different environments to thrive off of.

It also provides you with a full history of your sign, what your strengths are, and who you're most compatible with.

6) Align: Expand your dating life into the world of astrology with the Align app, which harnesses the power of the stars and gives you a daily constellation of singles in your area.

Used for things like meditation, guidance and inspiration, the Druid Oracles claim to offer "an oasis of divine nature in our hectic modern world."5) Existence: Everybody wants to know who they are and what exactly their existence means.

This app tells you about your zodiac and constellation formation, along with horoscope readings for the day.

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