Outlook name cache file not updating jung ryeo won and daniel henney dating

Don’t confuse this with the Nickname field on the Detail tab of a contact record.For example, if you create an email and typed , that email address is added to Outlook’s nickname cache file.NK2 extension that is linked to a specific Outlook profile.The autocomplete feature is available by default on the Advanced E-mail Option dialog.

Microsoft Outlook's Auto Complete feature automatically populates email addresses in the "To" and "CC" fields.If anyone has any experience with this problem, please share your solution.—Serdar Yegulalp, tip author ****************************************** I don't think this tip applies to Microsoft Outlook 2000 (I'm not sure about other versions of Outlook since I don't have them). There is a similar feature called "Check Name" that is used in Outlook 2000.Without actually trying this myself, I suggest deleting the distribution group from the Auto Complete cache when a distribution group changes.After you use the correct distribution group name in a To: field, it should be re-added correctly.

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