Online dating woes

A world traveler and tour guide has joined us to offer some great tips on how to go at it safely. Australia is one of the most sought travel destinations world-wide.

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Are you interested in solo traveling and living among the locals in a foreign destination?Waking up to your dog’s morning breath, taking showers alone and scrolling past loving couples kissing in your Instagram feed serve as daily reminders that you’re solo, and that there’s a good chance you will stay that way indefinitely.And while I can’t speak for previous generations of daters, seems modern dating has become a meandering processes of head games, dejection and waiting around for the next best thing.On the other hand, you finally have the opportunity to start living your life again. Research is clear that if we want to stay healthy and to thrive we need to develop and maintain strong relationships.According to the Mayo Clinic, adults with strong relationships live longer than their peers who have less vital relationships.

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