Medieval faire dating

  Time travel to the greatest party since Camelot!

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In advance of the big event, Seven Days spoke with three Vermont artisans about their particular wares and the strangest things they've ever been asked to make.SEVEN DAYS: How did you get into working with wood? There are so many different things you can do with mail.ANDY VAN NESS: I just always loved working with wood. I would say I've mastered probably 50 or 60 different weaves. For a while, I had the most referenced tutorial [on the internet] about how to make and measure them.And what will attendees find as they stroll the grounds? The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword will be on-site demonstrating a variety of fighting techniques.If axes and swords aren't your thing, there will also be dances, music from a fellow called Rockin' Ron the Friendly Pirate, and the sheer pleasure of hanging out with thousands of enthusiasts doing their thing.

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