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Usually, the speaker port has a green grommet around it.

They didn’t always have that, so it was nice when that came along.

Which is weird, because my hearing isn’t that great. Hopefully that’s all it takes, but if not then you have to look at either repairing it or replacing it. Anything over that and I consider getting it repaired, anything under that and I consider getting a new one.

This advice is easy to give if you’re just using some retail store headphones or gaming speakers, but if you’ve got a nice set of Bose speakers or something high end, contact the place you bought them. I say that because repair costs usually seem to cost around or more just to have someone look at the device.

If you are, you’ll want to make sure that the plug is fully seated into the port, and that it is the correct port.

Maybe you plugged your earbuds into the back of your computer and forgot they were there. If you find them there, unplug them and try the speakers again.

I’ve had a few where there were ports on the front and back but only one set of them worked. Try plugging your speakers into the different speaker ports to see if that resolves anything.

Usually, there will be an indicator light when the speakers are turned on.

The chances are that you have access to another device that will drive sound to your speakers or headphones.

Luckily, those who suffered through this before you have shared their solutions. The chances are that it can be fixed and usually fixed for free, if not for a low cost. Often the microphone port is right beside the speaker port, so check that clearly.

We have compiled the 7 most helpful audio troubleshooting tips for you.? Using your computer seems like a purely visual experience, but the aural experience is surprisingly important as well. Check to make sure you haven’t just muted the sound. With many laptop and touch screen devices it is amazingly easy to make the wrong touch or keystroke and the system sound gets muted. or speakers to see if they have their own volume control.

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