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We are dedicated to provide you the best quality of service possible.If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to email us at: [email protected]: Do not mail anything to this address including checks, money orders or pictures.The Church sanctioned family planning method of abstaining from sex should be 'promoted' - not that other methods are forbidden - and children must receive sex education, albeit without focusing on 'safe sex'.He insisted the church's aim is to reintegrate and welcome all its members.

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The pope says the Christian community caring for such people 'is not to be considered a weakening of its faith' but a sign of 'its charity'.

Offspring should be taught to say 'please', 'thank you' and 'sorry, they should be punished for misbehaviour, cured of the vice of 'wanting it all now' and prevented from watching television programmes which undercut family values.'We need a healthy dose of self-criticism', said the pope, admitting that until now the Church has 'proposed a far too abstract and almost artificial theological ideal of marriage' and struggles to present marriage as more than 'a lifelong burden'.

'In no way, then, can we consider the erotic dimension of love simply as a permissible evil or a burden to be tolerated for the good of the family.

Rather, it must be seen as gift from God that enriches the relationship of the spouses.

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