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In the US for example, the majority of state laws allow for employment to be "at will", meaning the employer can terminate an employee from a position for any reason, so long as the reason is not explicitly prohibited, is the duty to provide written particulars of employment with the essentialia negotii (Latin for "essential terms") to an employee.This aims to allow the employee to know concretely what to expect and what is expected.This was largely achieved through the concerted pressure from social reformers, notably Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, and others.A serious outbreak of fever in 1784 in cotton mills near Manchester drew widespread public opinion against the use of children in dangerous conditions.It required the provision of a basic level of education for all apprentices, as well as adequate sleeping accommodation and clothing.The rapid industrialisation of manufacturing at the turn of the 19th century led to a rapid increase in child employment, and public opinion was steadily made aware of the terrible conditions these children were forced to endure.

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A great milestone in labour law was reached with the Factory Act of 1833, which limited the employment of children under eighteen years of age, prohibited all night work and, crucially, provided for inspectors to enforce the law.Steady development of the coal industry, increasing association among miners, and increased scientific knowledge paved the way for the Coal Mines Act of 1872, which extended the legislation to similar industries.The same Act included the first comprehensive code of regulation to govern legal safeguards for health, life and limb.It covers items including compensation, holiday and illness rights, notice in the event of dismissal and job description.The contract is subject to various legal provisions.

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