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She is really good at singing and she is going to make a great mum so that's why I wanted to choose her she will make a brilliant mother and I hope for the best future let me know what your baby is called Pink is 34 years old Where'd You Go - Fort Minor I like this song and I also link you Describes the relationship between me and my dad perfectly.

Totally love it Just my favorite song of all time...

She wanted to be forever with the person but they broke up "That last kiss I ll cherish until we meet again".

Really sweet - what makes it different than other "I miss you" songs is that it's about a friend who died - not an ending relationship.

Listen closely to the lyrics and look it up - it's about P!

It beautifully describes how awful it is to not have that specific special person by your side, and it's not begging for the lover or the special someone to come back into their life.

Instead of trick or treating, she went inside her room, decorate it with a halloween them and started live sex camming!I want to have one of my friends back Who Knew - Pink This is one of the most romantic songs I heard.Its about a love relationship that a person remembers and wont forget that person she was in love with and it was a long relationship and she defended the person who she was in love with by this quote "I stand up and punch them out".Because this doesn't only talk about your ex or your lover.I also think this is one of the best songs by GREEN DAY.

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