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One complaint: it seems more suitable as a bridesmaid’s dress, right? Leigh Janiak Leigh Janiak is the lovely wife of screenwriter, Ross Duffer also known as one half of the Duffer Brothers, creators of hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star is looking forward to being Mrs. “It feels great because you know you are going to be with the person you really like to be with for a very long time,” she told PEOPLE last month. We actually had some photos of Cheryl’s dress, which I’m including in this post. Not to shade this dress at all – I’m beginning to like it when an American bride goes with something less conventional.“And that’s a great feeling.” [From People] Well, I guess she really wanted to be a Kennedy? I think it’s going to be a mess but I wish them well. There’s something deceptively simple about this little dress.Do you think that the family in some way holds Cheryl responsible even though she obviously wasn’t directly involved? and girlfriend Cheryl Hines looking very much in love at the 2013 Ripple of Hope Awards Dinner at the New York Hilton in New York City, New York on December 11, 2013.Or are there other things in particular about Cheryl that has really rubbed the family as a whole, completely the wrong way?

She had struggled with substance abuse issues and depression for years and supposedly watching Bobby move on from their marriage is what drove her to kill herself.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Larry David, Kevin Nealon, and Ed Begley, Jr. Curb Your Enthusiasm about why she and the activist were a good match."We share the same values," Hines said. We like to have a good time and work hard."It's fun to have a partner," she continued.

"He's so dedicated to the environment and clean water, so we take turns.

Leigh’s hubby and his twin brother, Matt, were born February 15, 1984 and …

Kennedy Jr., 60, tied the knot during a casual ceremony over the weekend at Hyannisport, Massachusetts surround by family and friends.

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