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This 16-episode, 4-disc set of the series voted the 2008 People?

Based on the lower-rung Marvel comic book character, he played Deputy Fraser in the film which, not surprisingly, was broadcast on the Sci-Fi Network before its release on DVD.

O’Loughlin counted as his next project, the Australian low-budget thriller Feed (2005), in which he starred and produced.

Here’s what the the 34-year-old Australian actor had to share: On loving workouts outside of the gym: “I much prefer being in the canyons or the hills or the ocean – being outside and using the resistance of the earth and gravity and my own body weight.

I’d rather hang from trees and do pull-ups than be in a gym, surrounded by people in Spandex.” On keeping his mind clear with exercise: “[Attention deficit disorder] went diagnosed and I managed to keep it hidden, but it caused me a lot of frustration.

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