Invalidating session in spring mvc

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In this tutorial we show some nice features of Spring Security, Spring Boot and Angular working together to provide a pleasant and secure user experience.

They must be directed to input wrong credentials next, eg.

a blank username-and-password, and in response you send back a “You have successfully logged out” page.

Edit to add in response to comment: re-log-in is a slightly different problem (unless you require a two-step logout/login obviously).

You have to reject (401) the first attempt to access the relogin link, than accept the second (which presumably has a different username/password). One would be to include the current username in the logout link (eg. username), and reject when the credentials match the username. With Ajax you can have your 'Logout' link/button wired to a Javascript function.

Have this function send the XMLHttp Request with a bad username and password. Then set document.location back to the pre-login page.

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This isn't directly possible with Basic-Authentication. There's no mechanism in the HTTP specification for the server to tell the browser to stop sending the credentials that the user already presented.There are "hacks" (see other answers) typically involving using XMLHttp Request to send an HTTP request with incorrect credentials to overwrite the ones originally supplied. On error page (which must be accessible without basic auth) you need to provide a full link to your home page (including scheme and hostname).User will click this link and browser will ask for credentials again.3) There are many ways to do that, I created two login back ends, one that accepts the logout user and one that doesn't.My normal login page use the one that doesn't accept, my logout page use the one that accepts it.

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