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Play fun games as you help finish the script and design totally amazing sets. I absolutley love the My Scene girls and what is better than to see them in action!? I was very excited for the movie,and the game just made things a lot better. Finish off unfinished scripts by filling in empty spaces.Then style the girls from head to toe for the big production! You can pick your theme too,from being a spy,to going in space,to a sunny beach.with your friends, go to the mall, earn and spend B Bucks on cool fashions, accessories, and more.You can copy music from your CDs and transfer it to your Barbie Girl? You can even copy photos and other files to your Barbie Girl?It's a Teen scene, I'm a Shopping Superstar, I'm a Funky Fashion Designer, I'm a Social butterfly, I'm Wild about animals, I'm all about Girl Power, Beauty Studio, Dazzling Nails, Music Mixer, Shopping Spree, Fashion Designer, Room Makeover, Fortune Fun, I'm a sporty glamour girl.Favourite characters like: Barbie, Madison, Nolee, Chelsea, Delancey, Lindsay Lohan, Kenzie, Hudson, River, Sutton, and Ellis, My Scene dolls, Hollywood dolls, Roller Girls, My Scene Goes Hollywood,and much more! You can create and decorate a virtual room, adopt a pet, have a B Chat?The Bratz are at it again, making the world safe for fashion in their first interactive DVD adventure.Help the Bratz solve clues, shop for fashion items and do makeovers on other girls as they travel around the country.

Design Barbie with different types of cloth, skin, ... Cruise through four areas of the city in search of cool items needed for each occasion.Plus, take fun quizzes and "tell all" tests to discover things about you and your friends!Complete fun activities like designing chic clothes to earn extra cash. My daughter will be 9 soon and she loves to play this game with her friends. There is absolutely no educational value to this game.My 5 year old daughter has lots of fun dressing up Barbie... Barbie, Madison, Nolee, Chelsea, and Delancey are dressed to impress, when they stumble across a movie set and pass themselves off as extras.As they try to make it in the ovie business, they'll have to contend with jealousy and infighting.

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