Good dating someone going through a divorce

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. It always is when you date someone going through a divorce.I just feel like this is really straining my patience; I try so hard to stay calm and be hopeful, but I feel like it's all in his hands and I have no say. I still haven't thrown in the towel, and yet all I have to go by is what he tells me.

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I am going through the exact same thing and it is HARD work. There are days he is saddened by the fact he won't see them as much and I take the distance from him and RUN with it. But we have been friends for along time and carefully invested ourselves into each other, knowing the ups and downs we might experience in the upcoming months until he is finally free. Predict what you can and don't sweat what you can't. Even if it's a network of "strangers", somehow that makes it easier to talk freely about what's going on in your head. He lives an hour away, but since we work at the same place, we get to see each other at least 5 out of 7's not quite the same as spending "quality time" together, but every little bit helps. I wish I could reciprocate, but he hasn't told his parents about me yet, and he lives with them for the time being until he gets his own apartment or house. At this time we were just friends but then they became seperated and the 2 of us developed a strong bond.

I'm currently 3 months pregnant and in the process of a divorce.

I miss my husband every day and wish he would come back and be here to experience all the momentous moments.

He's already invited me to the Christmas party as his date.

He's met my friends, and he likes them and they all approve of him.

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