Garth brooks dating trisha yearwood

Trisha Yearwood Music - Singer Why Famous: American country music artist known for ballads about vulnerable young women Age: 53 (b.

9/19/1964)Trisha Yearwood Photos (12)Trisha Yearwood's Relationships (3) "Of course I recognized myself in the roles Woody wrote. I was this sort of novice who had lots of feelings but didn't know how to express herself, and I see that in Annie.

Can you take us to two minutes before you’re going on tonight? Garth Brooks: You just keep thinking about what you’re going to try. The truth is, you’re not going to remember everything by the time you get on stage.

The second you get there, you’re eating as fast as you’re putting out.

Yearwood -- and then right next to Loretta Lynn, that's pretty cool," Garth gushed at the event, while Trisha called it a "full circle" moment."It's so surreal, because I've wanted to sing since I was 5, and I moved here, had just turned 20 years old, with the dream of being a singer," she recalled. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Reba Mc Entire and Narvel Blackstock, Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have all called it quits in recent months.

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In 2001, Brooks and his wife finalized the divorce, and Trisha’s second marriage came to an end too.

According to the 53-year-old "Friends in Low Places" singer, it's actually quite easy."There's nothing hard about that woman right there," Garth said of his loving wife.

"She's fantastic and when it comes to music, anyone who tells you they're working in music is lying."Trisha, who tied the knot with Garth in 2005 during a ceremony held at their home in Oklahoma, added that staying together involves "compromise.""We made a conscious choice to be together," Trisha shared. I'm excited to be together 10 years."WATCH: Trisha Yearwood Flirts with Hubby Garth Brooks at ACM Awards: 'He's Gorgeous!

Garth Brooks may have been standing on stage in Yankee Stadium before tens of thousands of fans, but his words had such an intimacy about them.

It was as if he was leaning in for a one-on-one chat.

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