Game updater by durka updating

*NEW* - Integrate Updates : Convertion and Intergration of update(NPDRM)-files to disc-files (useful mainly 4 ODE-users with older PS3-firmware) *NEW* - Aborted downloads will be resumed - Already downloaded game-updates will be skipped - Outdated game-updates will optionally be deleted from updates-archive - The update-pkg-files get well readable names - Creates a log-file while updating updates-archive in order to have a quick overview of wht#s been updated *NEw* Usage: ****** Hopefully self-explanatory...

read the tool-tips Notes: ****** - Updates will be stored and organized in the folder(=updates-archive) u've selected on 1st start...

E.g ".../GAMES/", ".../PS3ISO/", ".../My PSNGames/" Or... This is really useful if u stream your games(and the updates as well).

Usage : Mount "Install Updates Disc" - Play (most easy with type "Auto Install Updates Discs") - Whenever you've updated your updates-archive, just call the "Install Updates Discs"-function again to update the discs as well.

- The "Integrate Updates"-function is highly experimental and doesn't work with all games.

- Batch-Mode : Creates an updates-archive, which could contain all available updates for all games of the user.

Choose either a game-archive(ISOs, PSN-Game-PKGs or Game-Folder) or a text-list containing ' Game-IDs'.

Press Button: a) "PKG" - Creates a liberated ISO-File Notes: ****** - To get Update-PKGs for each game u can use my PS3 GAME UPDATER - Sometimes an additional Unlock-PKG-File will be created. You can 1st try the liberated game without that Unlock-PKG-File installed. - Not all PSN-games will work when they are converted to disc. (Sometimes it works without problems, sometimes it doesn't work at all, sometimes with freezes/errors/glitches) - The icon("ICON0. To avoid this you can add game-icons maunally to "Game Icon Cache". - Don't update liberated games online or offline !

PNG") of every processed content will be saved in "[LIBERATOR Programmverzeichnis]\Game Icon Cache\"-folder as "[Game ID]. This will most likely shorten the creation of a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc with "Bubble"-Game-Icons. - If you've selected to use "Bubbles" with game-icons LIBERATOR will 1st search in "[LIBERATOR Programmverzeichnis]\Game Icon Cache\" for a "[Game ID]. If it's not there it will extract the PKG-file to get the "ICON0.

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