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It will always be talking to the last person who said it's name. Anyone can type the bots name followed by shutup and it will turn off.To make the bot stop talking, any Op or the person who said the bots name last, can just type shutup. To deactivate the bot just right click the channel window and select Off. I scripted this for multi-channel/multi-network use, so you have separate controls for every channel.Added a menu selection to enter your bot from the botid Just Right the channel, select "enter bot from botid", enter the bots name and the bots id and it will be assigned to that channel.Added focus change from nicklist Now You can right click on a nickname and place the bots focus on that person. Added a PM function to change the focus of the bot This will allow you to change the bots focus through PM.Las innovaciones tecnológicas son pan nuestro de cada día, sobre todo en lo referente a apps digitales.Por ello no es nada raro que también aparezcan nuevos recursos de optimización de procesos también en lo profesional, en las empresas.Once the script is turned on the bot is activated by calling it's Nick Name(Irc Name).

As people continue to wonder why there aren't any good bots, the team at Insurify got nominated for a Webby for their work.

Matt Sterne, co-founder of Crushfame, said in a statement: “We started by asking each other why no-one had yet created the “how to” of social media influencers in a rich and engaging format from actual influencers themselves and not from a corporate voice.”“A common trait shared among the top influencers we’ve met is a very different mindset on what it takes to develop your own personal brand online and live life on your terms.

We felt this needed to be explored,” his co-founder Jarrad Collings added.

Both experiences are designed to feel like a conversation, without pretending to be a human.

Shameless plug about the Webby 🏆-- we are honored to get a nomination from the Academy.

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