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When they are moms they are wired to take care of and provide for their children who will be kind of helpless in their younger years.

However, this is pretty rare when you consider the general female population.

I have noticed over the years something that is increasingly common and wanted to know if any forum members have ever fit this type and how to utilize it to your advantage.

I think for me to get to this complete DGAF attitude is to have a purpose and mission in life that is very consuming in a productive positive way that it is a healthy substitute for an addiction carefree lifestyle.

(That's such a dumb phrase, I couldn't have done it when I was older, I'm not older yet, everything is when I was younger) Always had cute chicks.

But when I was strung out sleeping twice a week and bumping lines in the bathroom of everywhere i went throughout the day, i wasnt doing myself any favors.

Blair portrayed the leading role in the American remake of Kath & Kim as Kim (2008–2009), and on the sitcom Anger Management (2012–2014).

Blair auditioned six times for the role and remained several weeks on the set, but most of her scenes were cut from the final screened edition.

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