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It is unknown how the patient recovered or what his vision is now.

Aby korzystać z pełnych funkcji serwisu, musisz pozwolić na przeglądanie zawartości Flash w przeglądarce.

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Naciśnij "zębatkę", aby włączyć obsługę Flash dla swojej przeglądarki.

Możesz również zablokować Flash, naciskając ikonę "puzzle" w prawym górnym rogu przeglądarki.

If a mechanical restriction is the problem, it will not be possible to induce a passive movement of the eyeball. We had to test the sharpness of the patient's vision and observe if there was any muscular incarceration.'The patient had injured themselves by falling and had fractured the middle third of their face.'The procedure took two hours to complete.' The 37-second clip comes after a video of a surgeon struggling to remove a ball of pus from an eyeball horrified Mail Online readers.Many people don't like the thought of their eyeballs being touched, even by themselves.But spare a thought for this man who has undergone a surgical procedure to force his eye to move about in its socket.The procedure was completed by maxillofacial surgeon Raiza Ramos, 27, at the Regional Hospital of Cotia in the state of São Paulo.A forced duction test is performed in order to determine whether the absence of movement of the eye is due to a neurological disorder or a mechanical restriction.

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