Figure skater stripping

The routine impressed the crowd and the couple finished in 14th place overall, meaning they qualify for the free skate on Thursday.

The Knierims first garnered media attention when they kissed following their routine in the team competition on Friday.

Once, a girlfriend, a fellow skater, dumped him because her friends teased her about dating a male figure skater.

Hockey players called him "fag," "gay," "homo" and "queer.""I'd be holding my skating partner's hand [while practicing on the ice], and I'd want to go faster and stronger to prove I could beat them," Larcom says about the hockey players.

Britain's John Curry, known for bringing ballet to the ice, came out in 1976, the same year he won Olympic gold and the world figure skating championships (he died of an in 1994).

Canadian figure skater Matthew Hall came out in 1992. champion Johnny Weir came out after competing in the 2010 Vancouver games, it seemed more like a formality.

After all that spandex and whipping wind, it must be nice to just chill out naked.Deep in the iron belt of northern Minnesota, where boys are raised to be manly men and hockey is holy, Brandon Larcom grew up figure skating.From the moment he first stepped onto the ice at the age of 3, he had dreamed of becoming the next Wayne Gretzky, but a skull deficiency kept him out of contact sports."I'm the only male figure skater up there, and my dad's the town sheriff, and my brother pitches for the high school baseball team.The Knierims first met in 2010 at an event in Wichita, Kansas.Two years later they were paired together and fell in love on the ice.

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