Eyetv tv guide not updating

XMLTV is the name of a system which obtains and processes program guide information.

If you are in North America you can use the Schedules Direct grabber which now supports XMLTV format as well as the old Data Direct format.

Run Myth TV Setup and select Multinational (Schedules Direct JSON web services with SQLite DB) for your listings source. You may have to specify your database name with /home/mythtv instead of $HOME.

From the command line The channel selection process with tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite is tedious and error prone. In that case first make sure the file is writeable by your login user id.

Only changes since the previous download are downloaded.

If you want the very latest version of this you can download it from github. I recommend you install this on one user id as a private library, and preferably do not use the mythtv user id. If you did not use the default database name, enter the one that you used.

If copying or linking the files please make sure that the files and directories are read-write permitted by the mythtv user id.

All users in the USA and other countries need to install and configure XMLTV in order to obtain program guide listings.

In the USA the XMLTV format provides 20 days of data while the Data Direct format provides 13 days of data.

Here are detailed steps for setting up to use the XMLTV format. If you want to use Schedules Direct with XMLTV you should obtain the latest version, since there have been recent changes.

XMLTV can be configured through the Video Sources Setup page in mythtv-setup.

depending on the grabber, it will prompt for any information it requires.

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