Evan rachel wood dating history

“You’re made to feel so small I thought, ‘Am I crazy for wanting to put this out there?

’ ” “But the response has been amazing and people have been really kind and understanding,” she continued.

Wood's first major screen role was in the low-budget 1998 film, Digging to China, which also starred Kevin Bacon and Mary Stuart Masterson.

Wood remembers the role as initially being "hard", but notes that it eventually led to her decision that acting is something she "might never want to stop doing." Wood left regular school at the age of eleven, and was home schooled, because of bullying and difficulty with teachers, who Wood says treated her like she was "spoiled" because she was an actress.

“I’ve heard from so many people that identified as bi.

“Erasure is causing people harm and diminishing self-esteem and putting people in harm’s way,” Wood said. I want people to know that it’s ok, [bisexuality] is valid, and their stories matter.” The actress also came to the defense of her friend Amber Heard, who is openly bisexual, after news reports surfaced speculating whether Heard’s history of dating men and women was a factor in her divorce from Johnny Depp.Especially because when people refer to [Heard] they didn’t use that word until it was necessary.” “It was an easy target and it was unfair,” she added.Wood hopes for greater understanding and acceptance of bisexuality, and she’s happy to lead by example by speaking out.She later drew upon her experiences with bullying to portray a malicious high school student in Pretty Persuasion.Wood subsequently appeared in a number of films catering to a teenage audience, including Little Secrets.

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