Engaged after 6 months of dating

Be the slut so that at least you’re getting something out of it. Hell, even the Lion was getting women to masturbate on webcam for him and sending naked pictures of themselves to him. I guess I will accept my fate of isolation even if it kills me. It kills me to know that he’s happy and has all the things I wish I had. I’m nearing year two with hearing how blissfully happy he is and that everything’s so much better because that “crazy bitch” is out of his life. Also, I was told that he has been thrilled that I am getting exactly what I deserve.That once he got rid of me his world is coming up perfection. My friend has told me to stop trying to understand it, stop trying to find logic, there is no logic in that level of crazy. That he is doing this because I was the one that got away. So, I’m left with if the opportunity came, do I take him back or do I continue down the path that I’m on?Since either is the same, I can’t honestly say unless it openly presented itself.It is very possible that I would put it off as long as humanly possible.

I have since learned that the Lion is a narcissist.

I’m only recently coming to accept that he was emotionally abusive and that is just who he is. When the Wicked Witch of the West sent out the winged monkeys to do her dirty work.

I have also been deluged in the last couple of months by his friends. Before I put thought into my answer, I would first have to explain the last couple of months. Now I had been working on me since then which meant that while I was still working through things, I had actually been very good about no contact. Yes, I heard things as people would tend to tell me things but I would mostly wave it all off. Finally, when I had gotten a hold of him, I had asked for a picture of the mail. I kept the conversation sterile and answered but was wary since there was no picture.

I also explained that she was one of his friends and by his word not my friend. She would tell me not to overthink things (exactly something he would say) and that I shouldn’t read anything into what was said (something else he would say verbatim).

I realized then that she was either showing him the conversation and having him answer for her or that she was relaying it to him.

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