Embarrassing dating profiles

Tony, hon, show Pat what a man’s prick looks like.” “Okay, babe,” Tony said in a choked up voice. Looking directly into my eyes, he slowly undid his belt, then unzipped his pants. Well when that giant rigid prick popped up I thought my heart had stopped. It had to be at least 10 inches long and three inches thick.

But his dick is so small that I really don’t get that good deep-in-my-cunt fucking that I need. Proudly, he pulled the underwear down his legs to his ankles.

I have a small penis, about four inches in length, when hard.

He always wears panties.” I pulled the panties down quickly to my knees.

DRINKS WITH THE OLD BOYFRIENDSo we get back to our apartment and we’re smoking a joint and working on our second drink. She is acting affectionate to Tony, the old boyfriend. I am in an easy chair facing them.“It is sooo good to see you!

”“You too Martha.” Running her fingers thru his blonde hair.“One of the things that I really miss about you Tony is that big dick of yours.” Stunned.

” A river of jizz is pouring down my chin, over my chest, over my dick and balls.

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Martha and I were out having drinks at a local college bar when she ran into an old boyfriend. Never have I been so humiliated in my life.“Martha!

Her hand kept up a steady beat on my leaking hard dick.

He stood up to his full height of 6 feet and 3 inches.“This is turning me on in a weird way.” “Good! Tony picked up his half filled glass of Scotch and chugged it. Martha and I were both captivated by the show he was putting on for us.

We had never played our Mommy game in front of others. Someone’s little dick is starting to leak,” Martha said. As if this was the most normal behavior in the world.

Thank you.”“You’re welcome.” Tony’s eyes were bulging out of his head, watching our little drama unfold.

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