Email love dating

I was admittedly thrown by the suggestion but also intrigued by his lack of social media.We exchanged email addresses, and that was that — it was practically a setup from a '90s rom-com.We learned a lot about what we had in common, too, and even helped each other discover new parts of our neighborhood, like restaurants and parks.Meanwhile, I was still on dating apps and meeting suitors in real life — without much success.I politely declined and told him I just wanted to be friends, since I did really enjoy talking to him.I was pretty honest about the fact that our age difference — I was 22, he was 30 — made me feel unsure as well.We chatted back and forth a bit over the course of the week.

But I also never thought that — in the age of Tinder, Twitter, and Instagram DMs — we’d begin a two-month-long courtship strictly over email.

But instead of giving up entirely, he was completely understanding, and we continued to email long letters to each other.

The letters were mostly friendly but with some light flirting on both our ends.

While the age gap had initially made me hesitant about pursuing him romantically, I had grown so comfortable talking to him, I felt like we’d known each other forever. His reply came almost immediately, and it was decided that we’d meet the next week.

When our brunch date finally came, I saw the same slightly shy, smiling face right where I’d last left it.

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