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The National Coalition of STD Directors, which called the Milwaukee case a “crisis,” published a statement Friday calling out lawmakers.“This is unacceptable,” “Those of us working in the field know that STD prevention works when it’s funded.Researchers hope the finding, reported here at the CDC's National HIV Prevention Conference, will offer a low-risk alternative to sexually active people.Kimberly Page Shafer, Ph D, MPH, and co-workers at the University of California, San Francisco, followed 194 HIV-negative gay men for two years."It is much lower risk than vaginal or anal intercourse," Gayle tells Web MD."There is enough evidence to know it is not absolutely a zero-risk act.

“It’s a really big deal,” Ugland told the publication.

The late stage of HIV is AIDS, which greatly weakens the immune system and the body’s ability to fight other infections.

Jeffrey Klausner, MD, a professor of medicine and public health at the University of California, Los Angeles, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"From a public-health standpoint, oral sex is not the major risk factor for sexual transmission of HIV.

Those involved may have all connected with one another during a 12-month period, added Ugland, who could not be reached for comment by Yahoo Lifestyle.

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