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A critical step in improving the microbial catabolic activities for the degradation of PCBs is understanding the reactivity of the four enzymes of the cluster and a mononuclear iron center, located at the enzyme's active site.

A reductase (Bph G) and a ferredoxin (Bph F) function to transfer electrons from NADH to the Rieske center of Bph AE, where they are used in the hydroxylation of the biphenyl at the mononuclear iron center.

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plasmid (1) and the appropriate p T7 vector was grown in Terrific broth (56) supplemented with 0.1 mg/ml ferric ammonium citrate.The degree of uncoupling between O utilization and congener transformation was also determined for the different enzymes using different congeners.To validate previous studies, activities determined using purified enzymes and whole cells were compared, as were activities determined using individual congeners and mixtures of congeners.A third enzyme, BPDO identified four regions (regions I to IV) whose sequences influence the range of congeners attacked (44).All four regions occur in the C-terminal domain of Bph A, consistent with the location of the oxygenase's active site.

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