Dating someone in aa recovery

Those individuals who get sober and rush into a relationship tend to make terrible choices.

They may try to use romance as a replacement for alcohol or drugs.

Al-Anon is a fellowship that offers support to partners and other family members of addicts.

Beginning a relationship with another person who is also recovery from an addiction can be particularly problematic.

Their partners will have been harmed by the substance abuse, and it can take a long time for these wounds to heal.One of the main worries is that if one of the couple relapses it could encourage the other to do the same.It would be extremely difficult for a recovering addict to maintain a relationship with somebody who had relapsed, but ending the romance can be hard.It is going to take all their attention to make it through this early part of recovery.Another reason for why people are advised to avoid relationships in the first year is that they need to get to know themselves better before they choose a partner.

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