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This is also showing the NULL records, but if I see the reports, its confusing, coz it looks like that its showing data only between those 2 dates.Is there any way where I can changes in dates too NULL so that its clear that its starting from NULL to a particular date. One is of type date and I want to set it to null so that the resulting union only has values that have meaning.I've tried NULL, Null, null and none of them seem to be working.

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The transformation that I'm working on has a lot of logic that nulls out a column depending on the value of an indicator field, i.e.

I'd like to implement some formula logic that does the following: if([DEFAULT_IND]="N";null;[DEFAULT_DATE]) if([DEFAULT_IND]="N";null;[DEFAULT_TYPE_CD]) To get around this I use the Java Script step: if(DEFAULT_IND == 'N') This works, but I don't have explicit boundaries for my column definitions which makes it much harder for people without development background to read.

Hello I have a date field that is required and dependent on another field.

The date field is hidden until the other field contains a certain value.

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