Dating mexican pyramids

It has been proven that the Great Sphinx is possibly 10,000 to 20,000 years OLDER than peddled by "archaeologists!

" The Norte Chico Civilization was an ancient civilization / complex society belonging to the Pre-Columbian era.

Exceptionally well-preserved, the site is impressive in terms of its design and the complexity of its architecture.

The city’s plan and some of its features, including pyramidal structures and residences of the elite, show clear evidence of ceremonial functions, signifying a powerful religious ideology.

And you call yourself an "archaeologist." I wonder if you fall into the trap of berating everyone you work with?

Did you get your degree from a Cracker Jack box in those little cardboard prizes?

Read More This really looks interesting and stylistically similar to the sunken ruins found off the coast of Japan.

Just makes me wonder what's going to happen when it finally gets revealed the real age of the Egyptian Pyramids is 35,000 years.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Minoans, etc didn't count down backwards from say 521 BCE to 518 BCE.. What I found is the "professors" peddled old materials, some 30 years or more and forget to actually learn new ideas and new teachings.

Their capital was the Sacred City of Caral – a 5,000-year-old metropolis complete with complex agricultural practices, rich culture, and monumental architecture, including six large pyramidal structures, stone and earthen platform mounds, temples, amphitheatre, sunken circular plazas, and residential areas.

The Supe Valley, which lies 200 miles north of Lima on the Peruvian Pacific coast, was surveyed in 1905 by the German archaeologist Max Uhle, who revealed the first archaeological discoveries in the area.

Actually most "professors" once they get tenure forget to keep learning, they are in this cushy position and can do as they please to the detriment of the students paying tens of thousands of dollars for an education that is worthless. I had a Photo "professor" who didn't know how to use a digital camera, yet was teaching a digital class. People like you Dave, shouldn't be in the academic setting when you have no respect for anyone else's opinions.

And quite possibly, the history of this planet is off by tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of years.

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